2016.04.26: Introduction

It's been a long while, and I just thought I'd start this up.

This blog will be a place where I write about many things. Some blog posts will be related to CS. Some will be about my life. And some will be about everything in between.

I love writing. Writing is how I express myself. It's also a good place to let out any thoughts and feelings. Thus, I'm very excited to be starting up my blog.

I unfortunately have a bit of writer's block so the introductory blog post will be short. I will write more as time goes by, so stay tuned!

I should be heading to bed, but I'm up writing this. I only have one more exam left and I'm going to start studying for it really soon. That's all for tonight. Until next time!

Edit 2016.07.01: My blog will now be hosted on Medium. Each blog post from this point on will have a link.


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